Item management

You can manage your items, calculate the sales and profits of each item, calculate the discount rates for each item, and you can add multiple prices for each item and see reports of a detailed report of the movement of the item, a report of the inventory value of the items, a minimum determination of the quantity of the item.

  • Sales and profits for each item
  • Special discount rate for each item
  • Multiple prices per item
  • Multiple photos of the item
  • Detailed report of class movement
  • Stock value report for items
  • Report of stagnant items and quantities ages
  • Class of service, quantitative, and assembly
  • Stopping the item and hiding it from the users
  • Multiple units of the class
  • Multiple classifications
  • Item details and weights
  • Multiple warehouses for the item
  • Multiple item locations
  • Minimum quantity for the variety
  • Quantity of re-order for the item
  • Details of the costs of the item (primary - medium - last cost - no currency charges)

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