Mobile app

The Easacc restaurant management program supports the design of a special program for the restaurant and can be linked directly to the system and the speed of communication through the online network with ease without complication.

Connect the branches

Whether it has five branches, or 500 branches, and whether it is large, small, and whether it is local or global, you will be able to roam within your branches, with the interface of programming applications that collect all data from one system. Measure sales, the customer, to ensure that nothing may reduce your success rate.

Value added tax

We support value-added tax according to the requirements of the General Authority for Zakat and Income, the tax declaration report, records the tax numbers for customers, records the tax number for suppliers with the activation of the tax by the supplier, detailed and total reports of taxes in sales and purchases, calculate the expense tax and deduct it from the sales tax, determine the local sales tax Or exemption from export.

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