Buy and sell invoices

It is characterized by five basic input methods (barcode – keyboard – touch – menu – mouse), and you can link the returns to sales, hold ten bills at the same moment, and also contains a simplified and comprehensive powers system.

Ease of displaying the sales invoice, which makes it easy for the cashier to sell and deal with customers, and to determine the method of payment, as well as multiple sales reports, which may categorize item sales and category or department sales.

Speed ​​of use

By supporting the restaurant cashier program for touch screens you can provide a service
Fast and integrated for customers, easy to search for customers, with the possibility of opening More than one cashier screen at the same time.

Touch screens

Through the Easacc Restaurants program, you can easily manage all operations from Through the touch screens where there are settings of their own, you can also use the default mode of invoices

Powers of users

Through the Easacc Restaurants Program, you can add users and put a secret number for each user to enter the program and access the transactions authorized to be performed through the set of powers that the employer assigns to him. These powers are characterized by a high level of accuracy.

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