Bakery POS System

Whether it’s croissants or rainbow bagels you’ll be spreading the joy. Keep your bakery running smoothly with the Easacc bakery management software.

Running a Bakery

Time spent baking is only half the commitment. For the other half you’ll need a POS & bakery management system that helps you run a bakery that monitors inventory levels, manages staff and keeps customers sweet and coming back for more.

On the Rise

Become a niche and not a carbon copy of every bakery. Learn from your customer taste buds to grow your bakery

Extra Nice

Go the extra mile and offer modifiers wherever you can, from sandwiches to drinks, the bakery POS system will still keep stocks updated.


Control the amounts and sub-recipes, be in a few minutes, make adjustments to the quantities, and know at the same time the effect of those amounts on the costs of the items in your list, with us you will achieve the greatest amount of profits. Easacc are distinguished by saving food costs and organizing menus in a way that everyone loves, even the chefs!

Baking Hot Sell

Your bakery is bound to have some customer favorites and some bakes that just don’t make the cut. You can enjoy finding out what makes their stomachs rumble with intelligence reports that give you insight into which bake is selling and which one deserves an extra push.

Sugar, Spice and All Things Nice

If you want to butter up your customers you’ll need to know exactly what they think of your bakery. No need to roam the internet pages to find your review as yours can be just a tap away with a built-in review and rating system for your customers.

Sprinkles and Icing

Sweet or savory, it’s all about the colorful presentation and with Easacc intelligence reports you’ll never run out on any ingredient. You’ll be able to set limits on the amount you need to have in store so when it comes time to stock up you’ll get instant alerts from any iOS device.

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